Here at Knot Just Flies family and tradition are the key to our success. We look forward to helping that mom or dad teach their child about the outdoors and we will do all we can to cater to the youth hunter as well as the adult. From beginner to professional we can set up  for a great day in the great outdoors making memories and smiles.

We have the trusted brands you grew up on and need like Winchester, Remington, Federal, as well as Beretta, and  Browning. What ever you need afield or for waterfowl stop by and check us out.

Hunting a Family Tradition

Start em out right

If we do not get others involved in our sport it will fade away. It is not just the youth we seek to expose to our traditions but anybody that has an intertest or curiosity.

Do something fun

 A day at your local gun or archery range can go a long way to introducing the next generation.  Shooting 22 plinkers or hitting a bullseye with a recurve bow it is about the activity and sharing the experience that counts.

A day in the field

Take someone out for the day that has never been. Let them see the earth wake up over a cup of coffee let them hear the fist birds of the morning tell the world time to start the day!!

An afternoon in a blind

There is nothing more beautiful in my opinion than a fall sunset either in a duck blind or a treestand. Take somebody that has not seen it before and you will get them hooked on the outdoors for sure!!!

It is to good to share

Share you love for the outdoors in photos or just take them along. It will do you both some good for sure!!

Pass it on

It is our duty and responsibility to expose others to the values we hold dearest so they can assist us in keeping the tradition alive for generations to come.