Bragging Board

Here is Dennis getting it done BIG BASS STYLE!!!!


Must be girl power!!! Here is Haley getting it done on a big old thunder chicken!!! 18 lbs 9 inch beard!!!! Way to go

This is how you get it done!!! Tatum with her FIRST TURKEY!!! Taken with her new 870 shotgun that her dad picked up at Knot Just Flies!!! Way to go!!! Congratulations!!!

This is how to get your fishing  season started!!! Way to go Stevie!!

Here is Natalie with a 12lb river monster from PA!!! 20160514_131629 Here is Trevor with a super big perch he caught with bait from our store!! Way to go Trevor!!















13120734_10154741689083356_852748299_o - CopyHere is more from our first time fishermen. Here is Chris and his boy with todays haul of crappie and trout. Keep slayin em boys!!!first trout king crappieThe river monsters just keep coming in!!! Here is one of our loyal customers Jerry with a slammer of a rainbow, at 9lbs 2 oz it is surely a once in a lifetime fish for not just Jerry but for any angler!!Congratulations Jerry!!


Jerry #1

Here is Jeanne with a trophy she caught on the Flatbrook!! These fish are getting bigger by the week you need to get in on this action!!!


And the slabs just keep coming!!! Who says  there are no Browns in the Paulinskill ? Or the Paulinskill can’t have any hold overs? Here is Joe with an opening day Brown Trout. Congrats to Joe on playing out a super fish!!!

big brown


Here is Chris with a slab of a rainbow he caught in the green River in Utah. Great job Chris!!!

Here is Chris our head Guide with Last Frontier Angler with a slab of a rainbow he caught in the Green River in Utah. Great job Chris!!!

Send us your latest catch or harvest with a small clip and we will post it here.