GUNS & Ammunition

Knot Just Flies has partnered with Gallery of Guns and is now a Gold Dealer!!!! You can buy from Gallery of Guns and your purchase can be delivered directly to us!!! Just  go to there home page use the retailer search tab and enter in our zip code 07825 it will bring up a list of dealers to chose from click on the shopping cart next to our name and off you go!!! No need to contact us as Gallery of Guns has all of our FFL info just shop and ship!!!!

At Knot Just Flies we are now a licensed FFL dealer and pride ourselves on having a very extensive Ammunition selection. We are also hunters and know how important it is to have that ammunition that just performs perfectly in your firearm of choice.

We carry Ammunition from the following companies

  • Federal
  • Remington
  • Winchester
  • Lightfield
  • Hornady
  • Estate

We offer both steel and lead shot, Sabots and rifled slugs as well as handgun and rifle Ammunition.

Ammo photo